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    How do I make egg salad?

    Just got outta college, never cooked in my life. Boiling the eggs was a big step for me, now what do i do?

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    .....congrats on taking the first step to boil the eggs..

    -lower fat way:
    boil the eggs maybe 10 , remove 9 yolks , a tsp or 2 of olive oil , some mayo like a tbl or 2 , some salt , pepper , pinch of red hot chilli...u dont wanna mask the taste!!!

    -Dont give a fvck i just wannna eat way
    boil the 10 eggs , add as much mayo as u want and olive oil and the previous herbs...and enjoy...maybe with whole wheat bread.....

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    anywhere my son lives
    here is a great egg salad for you bro..
    boil your eggs for apprx 11minutes then cool under running water
    once peeled mash them up really good w/ a fork in a bowl add salt+pepper+cayenne pepper
    mix in mayo and a little bit of mustard
    take an avacado and slice in half around the pit(you will remove the pit by hitting it w/ the blade of your knife and turining the knife)
    put the egg salad on some wheat bread and lay a few slices of avacadoe on top
    voala! great egg salad!

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    Easy way:
    1. Hard boil eggs.
    2. Seperate how many whites and yolks you want.
    3. Chop eggs up
    4. Add mayo and mustard
    5. Mix everything

    When it comes to cooking...Try and cook everything different each time and write down what you like best. I started to love cooking once i started to become good at it

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    yum yum im getting hungry reading this

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