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    My girl lifts with me 5 days a week. shes trying to get here diet in check and loose a few pounds and get a litle harder. i figured her bmr to be 2037. She is 5'10 and 140lbs. In no way is she fat or chubby just wants to lean up and harden a little. Both her and i have looked at the cuting stickey but i haven't found a good ratio base her macros on and i am not sure how much i should recomend that she restricts her calories.
    Any input greatly appreciated.

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    Using Elliots spreadsheet for "females" at the end of the "Bulking Sticky" could be a good place to start.

    It figures cutting and bulking calories, macros etc. You can also change the %s he uses in the spreadsheet and have it kick out whatever kind of numbers you like.

    If you look at his excel macros...its easy to see where the numbers are to change in the spreadsheet to get whatever you want.

    Works well.

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    2037 is a lot of calories...i'm cutting...started at 200 and i'm down to around 170 now... and at no point was i over 1800 kcals.

    She's 140...i'd estimate her caloric needs are around 1680 kcals.

    What variable did you use to calculate her Bmr?

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