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    High protein=hard on liver/kidneys?

    Are high protein diets supposed to be ahrd on yer liver or kidneys?

    and why exactly do u need 1-2gm per lb to grow? can someone break this down for me and explain exactly how it works? thanks a lot.

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    The Protein Bible

    man when i first saw this "high protein=hard on" and im thinking wtf

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    Yeah, that hard on the kidneys thing is all BS propaganda that was spead during the whole Low-Fat craze. Cause these morons didn't relaize there was sucha thing as "LEAN PROTEIN". If you eat Bacon all day everyday yes its high in protein but also in fat, bad for you, well no shit! I just had to convince someone about this the other day. No worries dude the info in here is the real deal.

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