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    My Current Situation.. Please Help!


    I currently weigh 84kg or 170lbs. NOt sure what % of fat, but im pretty lean and look alright.. However, I have been at this weight for YEARS! I reallyy need to exceed 90kgs.. I got uptp 88 but the past year or so, I have lost a fair bit..
    I play a sport, so im constantly running, so its hard to gain muscle mass whilst I am running alot..
    I normally get to the gym 3 times a week, but I used to around 4-5 (its hard now with Full time work, and my sporting commitments).
    I am reallyy looking to put on around 6-7 kilos ASAP..
    I caually take protein shakes and I am starting to get my diet back on track i.e. More Protein intake and im gonna start increasing my carbs aswell..

    What you do guys recommend I do to put this weight on? I dont wanna put on fat, as I need to stay fit for my sport..

    I will probably go out and get some Monohydrate Creatine Powder to help, but are there any other supplements which will help, or any other ideas you guys can give me pleasssee??


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    thats a lot of clashing stuff going on to gain weight... if its hard for you to gain eat whatever and make sure you get your protien in.... also may need a good amount of complex carbs.. i hear purple K creatine is the way to go... but you must stick to a program like this for at least 2 yrs or so to see some real gains, real hard lean muscle takes time to grow


    take GH, test bla bla, all up to you man.... then if you have decent genitics you can achieve almost anything.

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    the bulking sticky , and balls to the walls training
    btw 84 kg is 184.8 lbs

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    I forgot to mention im around 178cm tall..

    I dont want to take 2 much carbs because i know it will go staright to my stomach..

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