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Thread: my lunch

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    Aug 2005

    my lunch

    I had a entire can of feild peas and about 30 something small shrimp with it and some hot sauce.

    I dont know about the shrimp but the can of peas looks like this.
    calories 140
    fat 0.5
    carbs 24
    fiber 6
    protein 9
    sodium 240

    3.5 serverings a can so

    490 cals
    31.5 protein
    84 carbs
    21 fiber
    2 fat
    840 sodium

    Im not trying to cut, I consider myself bulking but Im starting to get a lil more fat than I want on my belly.

    That plus the shrimp, how was that lunch?

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    Jun 2005
    Not too bad I peas and shrimp...a weird combo, but not bad

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