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    alright fellaz, im bulkin atm got some fat but gonna go on a cut after this bulk. posted my diet up there a few days ago and have been tweakin it a lot. had to get some whey for post workout. so i got a high kal/pro/carb mix and a high protein low carb protein. here are the marcos

    high protein low carb whey
    2 scoops:
    44g protein
    9g carbs
    4g fat

    high kal/pro/carb whey
    50g protein
    150g carbs
    18g fat

    i cant have the high kal whey with any of my meals becuz dat would mean i'd being eatin over 1000kals at one time. but is 970kals still 2 many kals to be having at one meal?

    if it is i could have it and just use 2 scoops witch means it would break it down to

    25g protein
    75g carbs
    9g fat

    maybe i could have that with some other type of protein cuz of it only being 25g of protein, dat could bump it up to maybe 600kals. dats ok at one meal aint it like.

    well heres my diet again with a few tweaks,i wanna know where to put my whey do i have 2 ditch my PWO meal and replace it with one of my whey powders and some dextrose, if so let me know witch one, i am thinkin the high protein low carb whey...?

    anyway take a look and tell me where to protein shakes thx! by the way i wanna keep the high kal whey with in my first 3 meals becuz of the carbs in it!
    here are my stats again (last time i got them wrong hehe)

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 220pounds
    Fat: got a bit aye,im not FAT am just a little overweight got some love handles goin on :P

    Meal 1:
    100g Wheat Biccies - carb:79g - kals:379 = 692kals
    2 Whole egg - pro :12g - kals:154 = 33g Protein
    4 Egg whites - pro :12g - kals:66 = 79g Carbs
    250ml Milk - pro :9g - kals:93

    Meal 2:
    5 Egg whites - pro:15g - kals:83 = 358kals
    1 whole egg - pro:6g - kals:77 = 21g Protein
    2 Slices WG bread -carb:36g - kals:198 = 36g Carbs

    meal 3:
    100g B.Rice -carb:74g - kals:349 = 497kals
    1 Chicken Breast - pro:32g - kals:148 = 32g Protein
    = 74g Carbs

    meal 4:
    100g lettuce -carb:3g - kals:15 = 353kals
    1 Chicken Breast - pro:32g - kals:148 = 47g Protein
    1 half chicken breast- pro:15g - kals:74
    Tbp Olive Oil - Fat:13 - kals:120

    meal 5:
    200g Brussels -carb: - kals:70 = 440kals
    1 Chicken Breast - pro:30g - kals:148 = 47g Protein
    1 half chicken breast- pro:15g - kals:74
    100g Mushrooms -carb: - kals:28
    Tbp Olive Oil - Fat:13 - kals:120

    meal 6:
    250g Cottage Cheese - pro:30 - kals:220 = 488kals
    1 Chicken Breast - pro:30 - kals:148 = 64g Protein
    Tbp Olive Oil - fat:13 - kals:120

    Total: 2828kals
    Protein: 244g
    Carbs: 189g

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    thanks for the replys lads!

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