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    Trying to cut sodium

    I'm trying to cut the sodium in my diet and wondering the best ways to do this, what foods to eat and stay away from. Normal diet looks like this
    Meal 1: 7 egg whites, 1 bowl oatmeal, 1 cup fat free yogurt
    Meal 2: serious mass shake, 6oz steamed veg.
    Meal 3: 2 tuna/turkey/ or RB sandwiches ( 1can,1sand.) on ww, 1 bowl ww pasta, 3 EW
    Meal 4: (pre-w/o) Cytogainer shake
    Meal 5: (post w/o) Serious mass shake
    Meal 6: 2 chicken breasts (grilled/baked), brown rice, 10oz veg. 1 baked potatoe
    Meal 7: Cytogainer shake
    Let me know if there are things I need to change or other stuff I should be eating.

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    Drink 2 gallons of wate ED to flush the salt out...count the sodium @

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    bro just about everything u listed has a lot of sodium.

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    What foods should I substitute in for ones high in sodium? I know the EW's have alot of sodium so is there something else I should eat in the morning thats lower in sodium and still has a high protein value?

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