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Thread: college diet

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    college diet

    yes, i wrote this about a month ago, but its even harder than i thought...and everyone in college that uses the gym is ****ing huge, i suspect anabolics to be a big thing in texas state. This is what i do so far
    5'10 178 12% goal:mild cut
    1. Oatmeal(2g) turkey (30g) whey (20g)

    2. Wholewheat (28g) turkey (30g) whey (20g)

    3. 2 whey (40g) turkey (10g) 2tbls npbutter (18g)

    4. wholewheat (28g) turkey (30g) whey (20g)

    5. 2 whey (40g) flax


    dont have enough time for #6, dont have enough money for cassien! so im kinda screwed, but hell my diet beats about 95% of the people on campus, and how the hell do i have guys weighing 225 @ 7-8% that are my age, wtf, good genetics or steroids ?

    thinking about changing #4 to pro/fat (peanuts) not sure. and i bought 15lbs of turkey at my local grocery store so that should last me for a week or so.

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    what do you mean when you say whole wheat (bread)?, and whats up with the turkey throw some tuna, chicken, eggs in there, tuna is perfect for the collage lifestyle. and if that doesnt work as some one at your gym for a hook up. 2 g's of oatmeal? you shouldnt have to take whey with every meal, thats why you eat different kinds of meat to get your full spectrum of aminos. look at one of the stickies and revamp you diet.

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