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    CKD bulking possible?

    Talked to a kid at school who came off a CKD cut and got down to 205 at 8% and 5' 9". I noticed him eating mcdonalds cheeseburgers without the bread in the lounge and we chatted. He said that for the last 9 weeks he increased his calories from 1900 up to the current 3800 while still eating the CKd stuff at 75% fat and 25% protein. He said he has put on 9 pounds and his body fat has not moved. He eats a huge cheat day on Saturday and he is in ketosis by Sunday afternoon. he is natural and looks very good. I was if other members have ever heard of this. He said that he has 20 grams of fast acting carbs after each of his 4-5 workouts along with 2 RALA tablets to keep him in ketosis. Just thought I would post this to see if anyone has a story like this. I am thinking of trying it since I put on fat just looking at food.

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    I wouldn't use a CKD diet to gain lean mass, it is a gamble whether it will work for you or not. I would just put together a smart lean mass diet that won't put too much fat on. The CKD diet is really not healthy either if you do it for too long.

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    Can someone tell me what the CKD diet is I've never heard of it

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