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Thread: cocoa powder

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    mitch911 is offline Member
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    Oct 2004

    cocoa powder

    just went through the kitchen here and came across coccoa powder .. ingredients are 15 cals per tbs and no sugars and its got 2.5g fiber..before i try it out i was thinking 1 tbs added to my chocolate protein shakes to make it even more this a good idea or am i going to throw up dont know much about baking ingrdeients

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    GirlyGirl is offline Female Member
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    Jun 2005
    Have at it. No worries, you won't throw up.

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    KingMike is offline Associate Member
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    Mar 2004
    I have tried that stuff and it only made the shake chalky and bitter. I found it is no good unless swirled in milk and sugar, but that might not be good for the belly area.

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