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    Question about sodium intake as the show gets closer

    Ok, my diet is in check, the only thing I am curious about is sodium intake. But most foods that contain small amounts of sodium also contain things that I dont want like saturated fats. I'm concerned that if my sodium becomes too low the muscles wont hold in nutrients as well and they'll appear softer and flat. I'm not talking about major sodium load here, but I was thinking along the lines of maybe 1000-1500mg/day of sodium, at least until a week-week and a half away. Maybe sodium tablets I guess? Anybody have any advice?

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    Just add more salt to your 'clean' foods.

    Some vegetables and legumes and animal products are kinda high in sodium... (e.g. celery..nuts..egg so if they're already part of your diet you should be set.

    Saturated fats shouldn't be avoided totally tho bro..especially seeing that you're restricting calories.

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