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    carb meal & metabolism study

    I have been eating carbs ONLY for PWO nutrition for 4 weeks and added 1 cup of oats 45 minutes after cardio a few days ago and here are my findings. My HR gets to around 140-160 BPM during cardio and slows to 70 BPM 10 minutes after cardio. When I had my P/F meal my HR stayed the sames. I just did cardio at 150 BPM and it slowed to 70 BPM soon after. I had a bowl of oats with 12 egg whites and withing 5 minutes my HR was up to 90 BPM and here it is 40 minutes after the P/C meal and my HR is currently at 100 BPM. It stays around 85-95 for about 4 hours. This might be stuid to some but I was just curious as to cheat meals for stoking metabolism when all I did was add a bowl of oats in the morning and it gets me ramped all day. My workout yesterday was UNREAL. 3 new PR's on the inc. db press, flat db press and the military db press. Oh yeh, this is day # 10 without a cheat or refeed day and since the carb introduction for breakfast, my weight has gone up 2 pounds and my waist has gone down a 1/2 inch. Whatever the hell is going on I am loving it. I have found that carbohydrates within about 4 hours pf workour do nothing but if the carbs are taken 5 hours plus away from training, strength goes through the roof (if you are used to having 3 P/F meals leading up to training. This now puts be at 155 carbs on training days (not including veggies) and 55 on non training days. I will introduce 55 more on non training days in 8 days due to the second cardio session. Oh yeh, stopped working abs 2 1/2 weks ago and they are now starting too look ripped. I feel abs flexing on every compound movement I do so I thought what the hell, I will give them a break and blam, they are now more defined than ever. Sorry for this long read but I had to tell someone, no one understands why I do what I do but I thought one of you guys or gals might. Good day.

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    Glucose is directly correlated with thyroid output, that would be my guess.

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