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    repost eat what i wanna eat

    sorry i didnt post on the last one if anyone cares, i was busy for a few days yeah i dont really have any goals just to be in shape i guess i youst to be a pretty solid 250 with a little help know i want to stay fit ill go on a diet around summer time but it seems like such a waste of muscle just to have a nice six pack. milka chocolate is awsome by the way its funny you said that because we have a friend from germany who came to visit a few weeks ago and she brought us a shiot load of it so i guess i was stuffing my face for a few days, you guys comments did help though i always just look around watching people stuff their fat faces knowing damn well they dont work out and i cant help but wonder what that would be like. to just not care not train and not eat right it seems like im a wizard and everyone who dosent work our is a muggle the one thing im sure those people have over alot of us is being content with themselves. because i know that im not becuase if i was i wouldnt work out.

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    Those are some long sentences

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    i sure am glad college football is back.

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