Calories/diet on test E + Dbol


How does this ratio of Carbs, protein and fats sound for a bulker on test + Dbol 10 week cycle?

Real BIG Question!!Do u think the caolries need upping? And where? More carbs in there?

Stats: 190lbs, 6ft,

P= Protein, C= Carbs, P = Fat

Big bowl Oats 20grams P 70g Carbs 10g Fat

2 Scoops protein/10 egg whites 40P 2C 3F

2 Scoops protein 40 2 3
Weight Gain 25 120 2


Tuna x 2 cans/ 2 chicken breast 80 2 4
Rice 200g 45.8 1.8
Veg 5

Afternoon:- 3pm
2 Scoops Protein/ 2 x Chicken breats 40P 2C 3F
Rice/Bagel 10P 45C 2F

Afternoon:- 5pm
2 Scoops Protein 40P 2C 5F
Fruit 1.5P 22C 2F

2 Breasts chicken 70P 5F
Lots Veg 15P 2C

Before Bed
Casein Shake 25P 2C 0.5F

391.5Protein 334.8Carbs 43.3Fat

Total Calories 3294.9