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    Exclamation need help with a bulking diet

    Recently I have been getting good gains by following a basic Flex or Muscle and Fitness magazine diet program, but I have stopped growing. I weigh 165lbs and ake in 250 grams of protein, 500 carbs and about 2500 calories. Now I have read some threads about taking in up to 400+ protein a lot more carbs and about 5000 calories. Before I try this I was just wondering if all that would be too much to take in for my size or not?

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    bro it all depends on your metabolism...and i am around 165-170 havent weight my self in a bulk diet consist of 4000 or a lil more and atleast 300 grams of protein. I was actually asking if 4000 was alot for me...but i seem to respond really good to my diet so im gonna stick to food is very clean tho and i berly eve cheat....also im already low in bf

    good luck

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    i think the carbs sounds high enough but defintely up the protein, i'm around 175 and i'm takin around 350 a day.....also, dont forget to be taking in fats too.

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    I am around 169 and i am taking more than 380 protein a day.... the trick is to take 30 or more protein each meal... and seperate meal : pro/fat pro/carbs and dont eat any unecessay fat... (some guys eat junk food just cause they are bulking) fats have to come from: flax seed oil.... peanut butter..... fish oil..... olive oil. And carbs have to be complex carbs - brown rice - oats - yams etc.... Hope this helps

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