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    Calcium Through Food

    See people, you don't need milk in your diet to get the calcium you need in your diet:
    Calcium Through Food

    Many foods are excellent sources of calcium. If you're not taking supplements or consuming dairy or calcium-fortified products, you may not be getting enough calcium in your diet. These food sources have been identified by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development as being high in calcium:
    1 oz of cooked dried white beans: 161 mg of calcium
    ½ cup spinach: 122 mg
    ½ cup turnip greens: 99 mg
    ½ cup soybeans, cooked: 90 mg
    1 cup broccoli, cooked or fresh: 90 mg
    ½ cup bok choy, cooked or fresh: 80 mg
    1 oz dry-roasted almonds: 80 mg
    10 dried figs: 269 mg
    3 oz salmon, canned with bones: 180 mg
    Not a fan of spinach or soybeans? Try calcium-fortified soy products, available in a wide variety of flavors and textures.


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    I love posts like that, opens the mind up a little to new food choices. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's important to remember that you need an optimal ratio of vitamin D along with calcium or you are defeating the entire purpose. Not all of those foods come rich in vitamin D. And in conjunction with Vitamin D you need fat consumption (fat soluble vitamin).

    14 cups of brocoli=DRI
    16 oz of Almonds=DRI
    8 oz of cooked dried white beans=DRI
    11 cup spinach=DRI
    13 cup turnip greens=DRI
    14 cup soybeans, cooked=DRI
    16 cup bok choy, cooked or fresh=DRI
    48 dried figs=DRI
    21 oz salmon, canned with bones=DRI

    It's far more practical to include dairy products even if that is cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

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