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Thread: Better Plan?

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    Better Plan?

    I've been skipping the pw shake and hitting up a big ass bowl of rice or potatoes, egg whites and cottage cheese post training......just not sure on all the sugar in dext, plus it's later and I like to have a thick casein shake before bed. SO my schedule is like

    6;30 p/c
    130p/f/carbs from fiberous veggies

    would I be better off if my training is over at 7 to go,

    7pm shake
    830pm p/c meal
    930 pf shake or is this too much?

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    Whatever floats your boat man.

    You change your plans so much, it makes my head spin. Honestly, I don't see how you can come to any conclusions about your approaches at all and gather any data from experimenting considering you don't do anything for more than a few days at a time.

    Understand that this is by no means a flame, but merely an observation from the posts/inquiries/events of the past month or so.

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    I havent changed my diet at all bro....switched it up about a month ago and it's working nicely, just need to reduce my cardio from 7 days to 3 if i want to add any muscle. That wil be a true test, living with the fact that my abs will blurr, fade, but be able to get them back.

    One questions if you or anyone could help me with. I've recently changed careers, and now a recruiter for finance and accounting sales vs. a recovering cpa. This is going to take some time, as you get out what you put in. SOund familiar?? Anyways, I will now train at 6 or 6:30pm and plan on hitting the sack by 10ish (latest). I think I'd rather try and skip the insulin spike post w/o or maybe just take a 1/2 scoop of dex focusing more on protein. Will this be adequate?

    4:00pm brown rice/beans and tuna (pre)
    6:30 train
    730 1/2 scoop dex and 40-50g whey.

    No hein lies the prob. I wont be able to get a solid meal in before 9:00-9:30. Can I go protein/fat for this last meal if all my other meals during the day have adequate protein, and cals? Something like cottage cheese and almonds or peanuts (my fav. meal, hate to give it up) or will I still be on an insulin spurge? Is there a way to get this meal in? Skip the dex? Just had the feeling of crashing on a full tank. Thanks bros

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    lil help?

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