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    Found out why I couldn't gain any weight!

    I put on about 17lbs of muscle in a year, well that was about 3 months ago and now I have lost 3lbs. "Time to get serious," I thought! So, I started lifting harder and I only focused on the multi-joint lifts; I got a full eight hours of sleep; I drank one more protein shake a day; however, nothing changed well, except my strength went up (that's awesome).

    All of you reading this know the key to getting bigger...more calories. It is not a secret; however, it seems that everyone needs to learn it for themselves. Realizing that my diet must me lacking I decided to focus my efforts there. I just added up my caloric intake for the day and well even though I feel like I eat enough, I felt more than satisfied all day, I only ate 2700-2900 calories!!! I eat like a school girl!! LOL

    To all you hard up!!! I know I'm gonna eat another 1000 calories tomorrow, make sure you do too!

    Stats: 5'11" 165lbs 11% bf Pound 4 Lb. stronger than you


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    hey man, i am in the same boat as u 6 1 170lbs 9-10% bf, and I dont eat enough but am Looking to bulk like u, I dont eat enough because I am affarid of getting fat, like I was when I was young, but anyways, what does your diet look like like meals for the day u would typically eat, also how much cardio u doing. and how is your spilt....thanks peace

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    if you are 9-10% bodyfat, you dont need to be worrying about getting fat for a while man go ahead and eat more...and as far as adding another protein shake goes, real food will make you gain more weight.

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    Kaptain, your advice is good, now apply it to yourself (as of your diet post) take no offense, it just seems many know what to do, they just have a hard time doing it. pound4lb, yes you must eat more than a schoolgirl to grow, It is much harder than people think to eat 4500-5000cal/day EVERY day. Gets old quick. True to da' game.

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