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Thread: Diet help?

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    Diet help?

    Hey, I kinda need some help here.
    I'm 37, 223lbs with a decent frame, maybee even nice if I lost 30 lbs.
    I have been throulg one cycle and since my PTC last september I basically stopped doing anything pertaining to the gym and lean dieting.(195while on AAS)
    I'm on clen now taking 180mcg/day split into 3 administrations but am having a hard time keeping my diet in check.

    At 223lbs should I be having 2000 calorier a day?
    I know I need 5 meals but I can't remember how much fat and carbs should come from those meals. If anyone knows of a diet planner I can read can you please tell me?

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    Read the "how to cut" sample dietary approach atop the page for a good general guide. It'll show you how to set something up that will support your taking of clen , because if you are taking that now but "have a hard time keeping your diet in check" as you said, then there is no reason at all to be taking the clen in the first place. You are wasting time and money by doing so.


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