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    First cutting diet ...

    (age:22)(height:170cm)(weight:78.4kg)(bf:16.2%)(fa t:17.7kg)(muscle 65.7kg

    This is my calculation.... 1850.1 cal... i tried using 50%-30%-20%...

    i did not want 40-40-20 cause i think that is way too much carbs...

    231.2g pro (925cal) 50%
    138.7g carbs(555.03cal)30%
    41.11g fats(370.02cal)20%

    The breakdown was like this for workout days...

    meal 1: 30g pro/46.25g carbs


    meal 2 pwo: 50g pro/46.25g carbs

    meal 3 ppwo: 45g pro/46.25g carbs

    meal 4: 35.4g pro/13.7g fat

    meal 5: 35.4g pro/13.7g fat


    meal 6: 35.4g pro/13.7g fat

    Now this is what i had in mind..
    Then i thought there is too much carbs there so what i did is reduced the carbs..
    To about 40 g carbs a meal.. which made the total of carbs is 121.4g(485.6cal).
    The calories that i subtracted was 69.43cal..
    Then i added those calories as proteins to meal 1,4,5,6 cause they were the lower meals with proteins...
    So now the workout days ended up like this..

    248.6g pro(994.44cal)
    121.4g carbs(485.6cal)
    41.11g fats(370.02cal) stayed same.....

    The breakdown looked like this...

    meal 1:38g pro/40g carb...(added 4.3g pro)


    meal 2 pwo:50g pro/40g carb

    meal 3 ppwo: 45g pro/41.4g carb

    meal 4: 38.5g pro/13.7g fat...(added 4.3g pro)

    meal 5: 38.5g pro/13.7g fat...(added 4.3g pro)


    meal 6: 38.5g pro/13.7g fat...(added 4.3g pro)

    Now first thing i would like to know is
    - Are my calories to low????
    - The tweaking is better than the original???
    - Do i have too much fat in the meals???
    - I have decided i am not going to have dextrose in my pwo.. so how am i gonna replace the carbs there????
    - The pwo meal should i change it to pro/fat meal and move the carb meal one day cause im not having pro/carb pwo??? could that work???

    Thank you all opinions are welcome...

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    another question on non workout days i will be doing cardio in morning ..
    now what should change with the meal since im only doing cardio???

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