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    The Perfect Meal Plan

    Meal 1
    8 scrambled eggs
    Glass of milk or OJ
    Multi vitamin + vitamin C

    Meal 2
    2 tuna sandwiches or 2 ham,roast beef sandwiches
    Probly using 4 cans of tuna with tuna sandwiches
    Milk or Water

    Meal 3 After workout
    Protein shake 3 or 4 scoops 20grms protein each one, and a bananna put in it

    Meal 4
    12 egg whites
    milk or water

    Meal 5
    3 Chicken breasts or 3 hamburgers or a steak
    Baked potatoe

    Meal 6 Before bed
    12 eggwhites or 3 tuna cans

    Oh yeah.........As you can tell my diet needs ALOT of help! What do you think i should add in there or take out to make it more healthy. I want a clean bulk diet were i get alot of protein and other stuff thats needed. Im not looking to cut , mostly looking to get BIG but not to gain fat while doing it, with a healthy diet. Any Help will be appreciated

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    Eat a couple more meals and throw your stats in there, height, weight, etc.... so we know what we are working with. If your not worried about storing fat then eat what you want.

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