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    how many more calories while on bulking cycle?

    i wasnt sure if i should put this here or in there steroid section but i thought since its pertaining to calories i would put it here. so anyway, right now im on a natural bulking diet in accordance with the bulking sticky. im eating a total of 3,949 calories a day. 395g of carbs, 395g of pro, 88g of fat make up my calories. i was wondering if i decided to run an aas bulking cycle how would i go about adjusting calories? obviously i would need more but how would i increase the grams of pro/fat/carbs? thanks in advance.

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    Thats a dam strict diet now. As long as you can follow it do it!!!

    As far as diet when running gear. Protein synthesis will be increased so basically you can eat some more protein and the body will utilize it more rather then excreting it now as it may so be doing.

    As long as it's clean calories then you're golden.

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    That'd depend on your:

    bodyweight; LBM; and BMR

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