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Thread: Ahhh shit.

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    Ahhh shit.

    OK, here is the deal. For around 3 months this summer I was bulking (my first serious bulk, not first experience lifting). Except that it wasn't serious because I read all the wrong shit, or at least not enough of the good. My diet was bad, I mean I ate well, but at totally bad times and I gained some muscle, and some fat. However, I can see now that I must have been SKYROCKETING my insulin levels at various times during the day. At the end of the summer I got really busy and started eating very little. This is obviously going to be bad. Now I realize that I express many of the symptom associated with Type 2 diabetes. I.e., constant thirst, huge pisses, blurry vision (like my eyes will go out of focus if I'm not paying attention), and light headedness. Diabetes also runs in both of my grandfathers. Did I fuck myself up royally or will good diet and exercise fix this. Do I even need to go to the doctor? I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but you never know. Should I go along as planned with my current bulking diet next week with around 3300-3500 cals? Right now I'm just sort of in maintanence mode, eating around 2000 cals a day, working out 3 times a week until I get moved into my new place and squared away. Can I avoid it once I am?
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    Go to a doctor, don't take a chance.

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