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    a cutting and bulking diet

    We all know that catabolism and anabolism are opposites, so to burn fat and gain muscle mass simultaneously is tough. However if you're eating a lot (for the bulking) but the composition of your diet is all complex carbs, lean protein, vegetables, and only non-fat dairy (in small amounts), could one not maintain a positive nitrogen balance and a positive calorie balance (thus gain weight) yet not provide your body with the fats and bad carbohydrates that will be more easily stored as fat, thus losing body fat? This of course is assuming a well designed workout program with appropriate amounts of cardio. So, is it possible to design a diet that will be a "lean bulker"?


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    Yes a lean bulk is most certainly possible and will most likely result in a positive Body Comp chnage if your diet is in check.

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    yep that is what i am on right now..... but still I think that you cannot bulk and not add a little fat.
    My diet is very very clean.... but still i saw some difference in my abs from when I was on a cutting diet in summer. Well I dont think it's actually fat but its the carbs that bloat me a bit...... I was taking very low carbs for the summer diet and now I added my carbs intake with good carbs but still u see the difference. But as they say if you wanna bulk you have to up your carb intake and risk to be a little bit more bloated....

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