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    uncle bens flavoured rice wild rice

    is this alright for ppwo while cutting ..i was reading some old post about white vs brown for ppwo meals..25g carbs 0 fat 3g protein 350g sodium per 150ml or should i just stick to brown rice ..just lookin for little switches in the diet every now and then to make it not so boring to stick to day in day out

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    always be down with the brown

    no need for the flavored shit

    i HATE rice but i force that down

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    white rice has carbs , and brown rice has carbs .. !!

    white rice comes with no fat, as mine

    so I myself use it for ppow

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    Brown is lower on the glycemic index so less insulin spike, your choice though.

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    wild rice is lower than white rice on the glycemic index

    and there are some brands of white rice that are lower GI than some Brands of brown rice
    it all depends on what country they come from - who made them - you can never be sure how they fair on the GI index unless you have the exact description match - which you hardly ever do

    yeah use it in cutting IMO
    i use basmati with wild rice when cutting

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