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    Bulking Carbs...

    So I've been trying to bulk up for 5 weeks, and slowly uping my Kcals, and slowly tweeking my carbs. But here is the kicker... i'm trying to shoot for about 300g carbs 300g Pro and 100g Fat, and started noticing that i'm gaining a bit more Body Fat than i would like...

    And the reason for this is due to the fact that i split those 300g between 4 meals...

    70 meal #1
    70 Pre WO
    80 Dex PWO
    70 PPWO
    Thats also 220g all within the span of roughly 3 hours

    I'm 173 5'9, BF18% but slowly rising!

    So Questions....
    1) Is consuming average 70g carbs at once going to spike insulin levels too high and have a negative impact for me?
    2) Is consuming 220g carbs within 3 hours rough on my body?--around WO
    3) How much BF% do ya'll gain during bulking? (I plan to bulk till April or May...Need to put on some size)

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    The carbs alone aren't responsible for a gain in BF% if y ou are gaining too much weight you need to decrease the cals abit.

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