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    fat content in a day

    I was reading how fat can help with increasing testosterone , but is it just any fat?
    Surely obese people do not have boatloads of testo in them cause they are fat.

    What if I ingest 10g of fat in each meal x 6 a day would be 60 fat grams.
    Is that a realistic way to look at it?
    Or should I get like 20 in 3 meals a day and try for 0 in 3 meals a day?

    I was trying to shoot for
    300g protein
    300g carbs
    70g fats

    Im 173 lbs and trying to bulk without getting crazy fat.

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    Fat does not really increase Test. Test is synthesized from Cholesterol and dietary Cholesterol has shown not have no effect on one Cholesterol levels. If you were eating a super low fat diet (Under 10% or so) then you may have Test issues. you diert looks fine, eat the fat as you see fit in your meals.

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