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    How bad is sodium?

    exactly how bad is sodium in a diet? what are the risks of too high of a sodium intake. if im not preparing for a competition should I worry?

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    Even though the terms "salt" and "sodium" are often used interchangeably, they are two different substances. The chemical name for salt- sodium chloride, reveals that sodium is in fact part of salt. Although by weight, salt is only 40% sodium.

    Sodium is very important. It plays a major role in maintaining blood volume and pressure. It is also needed for nerve transmission and muscle contraction, but before you go piling the salt on(which is the major source of sodium despite only being 40%). The body only really needs about 500mg. for sodium balance in the body. The National Academy of Sciences indicates that a safe consumption level is approx. 1100-3300mg(I personally hit about the middle of that). No official RDA(Recommended Daily Allowance) has been established.

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