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    pro/dex after cardio????

    what up fellas i do my cardio in the Am as of now i was woundering if it's best to have a pro/dex shake after cardio??? im currently hittin around 300g's of carbs a day and my whey/dex is part of that, so should i just replace it with something elese or take it down on cadio only days??

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    i dont do dex after cardio, but i do have 1/2c oats or 4oz yam. i dont think you need such a fast acting carb after cardio, unless it is really intense...which isnt really good for fat burning anyway.

    you could replace the dex with half the amount in whole food carbs. i wouldnt suggest subtracting all those calories because you are still expending quite a bit of energy in the cardio.

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    Be a man and have a pro/fat meal after AM cardio.

    You will be ok pro/fat or pro/carb thats up to you but yes please refrain from using dex after cardio.

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