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    Pro/fat after cardio

    I know this has been discussed a lot of the last 2 days..I just want to make sure that having a pro/fat meal after cardio and the same until my pre workout meal being a pro/carb meal would be alright? It would be set up like this:
    cardio empty stomach
    1. pro/fat
    2. pro/fat
    3. pro/fat
    4. pro/fat
    5. pre workout pro/carb
    6. pwo shake 40g whey 80g sugar (for now until my dextrose comes in)
    7. pro/carb

    Am I good to go? Originally my post cardio was a pro/carb because i thought you had to restore glycogen. Lately I have read that more people go pro/fat after cardio to continue fatloss...
    Any thoughts?

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    Yeah, that's what I usually try to do when leaning out, but I usually need some carbs in the A.M. to get me going (oats).... I just try and eat them around 45mins after cardio... (when my lazy ass is doing it lol..)...

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    i eat a pro/carb after cardio (about 30 -45mins after)

    you would do well to get your oats in in the morning

    and dont use refined sugar PWO - thats just silly - if u havent got dex just use any other form of carb for PWO and PPWO -

    if you wana go with high glycemic eat rice cakes, honey, raisins

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    Alright, sounds good. I guess ill just wait longer until I eat it. Right now I just take in whey and oats after cardio..but lately it has been right after. I'll try to wait it out like 30 mins or so today.

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