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    On vacation and lost 7 pounds how get it back?

    I went on vacation and lost 7 pounds because I had to get off my diet, should I just eat as many calories as possible over the next few days, or should I just get back on my normal diet? I just finished a cycle of Test c and EQ so that may have something to do with it. thanks in advance.

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    perfect diet according to ur needs (whats done is done dont make up) , perfect training

    maybe some i love that shit

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    In the same boat eljeffe, Continue with your diet depending on your goals. Don't overdue the calories or eat bad meals, this will only cause fatgain. Hope you took proper PCT after cycle, that might be the cause? Also, when vacationing take proper precautions, my whole carry-on bag was full of supps and food for travel. Only lost 2 lbs, in china for a week. Talk about nothing but shit to eat.

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