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    Need Some Help With A Cutting Diet

    I've been on a lean bulking diet for about 5 months now and have seen significant size and strength gains. I've leveled off now as far as weight goes and am wanting to cut up, lose bf%, and achieve that lean, hard look (want to see some abs and striations and get those veins popping). I'm 22 yrs. old, 6'3" 230 lbs and I have no idea what my bf% is...probably around 15%. My current diet is as follows:

    AM Cardio (45 mins of walking on an inclined treadmill or elliptical)

    Meal 1:
    1 whole egg, 5 egg whites
    1 scoop whey protein in water
    1 cup broccoli
    1 tbsp. flax
    1 tsp. glutamine

    Meal 2:
    8oz. Chicken breast
    2 cups broccoli
    1 tbsp. of flax

    Meal 3:
    2 scoops whey protein in water
    1 tbsp. flax

    Meal 4:
    2 scoops whey protein in water
    1 whole egg, 3 egg whites
    1 tbsp. flax


    Meal 5:
    2 scoops of whey in water
    1 tsp. creatine (5g)
    60 grams of dextrose
    (pwo pro/carb)

    Meal 6:
    8 oz. Chicken breast
    1 cup brown rice
    2 cups broccoli
    (ppwo pro/carb)

    2956 calories 108 g fat 148 g carbs 364 g protein

    How would you change this diet to make it suitable for cutting up (Drop the creatine, less fat/carbs, etc...)? Also, I have to lift in the evenings because of my class schedule, so that explains the carbs in the last couple of meals...I'm also very carb sensitive and gain extremely easily. Finally, I've been drinking a ridiculous amount of water because of the creatine (2-3gal/day)...Should I cut the water down signifcantly while cutting and maybe throw in a thermogenic, caffeine, and/or green tea? Thanks for all of ya'lls help!!!

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    not flamin but that diet would have made me lose wieght, and im similar stats...usually for a lean bulk u should have ur carbs more spread out throughout the cut i would switch it up just a lil..

    meal 1. eggs w/ 1/2 cup oatmeal
    meal 2. shake with flax
    meal 3. lean protein w/ fat
    meal 4. same as 3. change type of food if u want.
    meal 5. pwo shake w/ dex.
    meal 6. lean protein with 1/2 cup brown rice, veggies
    meal 7. shake with flax
    even if u are sensitive to carbs u need them in the morning, for me and most people it is a nec. macro to get in the morning. if ur sensitive keep them a lil lower and see how it goes from there, i just feel that when i dont get it in the morning i lose muscle.
    also i use e/c/a...

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    I'm actually allergic to aspirin so what would you recommend doing as far as that E/C/A stack goes?

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    just do E/C

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