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    Bulk Diet Critique

    I am 5'9, 195, about 13% bf......let me know what you think. I was thinking about incorporating flax seed oil and dextrose into my day but im not sure how to go about doing so.....

    First thing- Cup oatmeal, weight gain shake

    Snack-tuna sandwhich (whole weat)

    Meal 1- Steak, potatoes, vegetables

    Snack- Weight gain shake

    Meal 2- Two salmon fillets, veggies & pasta (a little of each)

    Protein bar *Workout*

    Egg white omelot (8- with ham, tomatoe, green pepper) English muffin, juice

    Meal 3- Chicken breast with whole weat pasta

    Snack-Tuna sandwich

    Protein shake before bed.

    I am just an amature at this stuff so of course every day is different, i'll have dairy products (milk, yogurt) here and there as well......I aim for at least 4000cal. Any help is appreciated...I am a university student and work a couple nights a week at a club so I think im doing pretty good to eat how i do, but would like to break through a plateau
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    Check out the bulking forum. It seems like all your meals are pro/carbs you need to have some pro/fat meals there take a look at the sticky and try to piece somethig together and post it back up then we'll see what we can do

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    too many carbs there. Read bulkin sticky..

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    Say no more....that was exactly what i was looking for.

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