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    Critique Diet Please :)

    My diet:

    Wake up - One hour of cardio
    Meal 1 - 10 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1 cup oatmeal
    Meal 2 - 8oz Fish, broccoli, carrots, 1/2 cup brown rice
    Two 20g protein shakes
    TRAIN -
    Meal 3 - 10oz turkey breast, 1 cup oats
    Meal 4 - 10oz Fish, broccoli, asparagus, 20g protein shake
    Meal 5 - 12oz Fish, 1 cup brown rice
    One hour of cardio
    Meal 6 - 12oz Fish, salad
    (EOD I switch the Fish for Chicken breast)
    (I intake 2 gallons of water a day)

    AAS Cycle - (currently on 5th week)
    wk 1-4 100mg T.P. EOD
    wk 1-12 500mg T.E. EW
    wk 12-16 40mg Anavar ED
    wk 1-16 20mg of Nolvadex ED
    wk 18-22 50mg of Clomid ED

    Stats - 5-10 242lbs approx 16%bf

    I started this diet on Tuesday at 250lbs

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    I take it you like fish?

    I'd move all the protein/carb meals to after your workout. Other than that, looks good with the exception of the carrots (stick with green veggies instead).

    Also, your doing a 1 hour cardio session twice a day in addition to weight training for an hr? Did i read that right....thats a lot of cardio. 45-60 mins once a day on an empty tank should be suffice. No need to overdue it. You're body needs all the rest it can get while dieting and running AAS (more is not always better).

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    Yes I love Fish. I also love chicken that's why I rotate them.

    2 hours of cardio a day. That's right. This is my "cutting" routine that's works for me.

    When I bulk I'll switch them. train twice a day and 1 hour cardio.

    My metabolism is a real bastard. Obesity runs in my family real bad.

    Goal is 220lb at 10% BF - Then enter contest.

    5 years ago I was 260lb at 35% BF got down to 205lbs then started lifting weights and gained back up to 250 at around 25% BF I just recently got serious about dieting. This diet has been in effect for a week now. Down 8lbs.

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