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    Diet help Returning after surgery

    hey guys i'm a noobie to this site,
    I am just wondering if anyone can help me with some tips or a sample meal plan to help me lose my gut?
    this is my story, I was a regular at the gym , 5-6 times a week, i was in the middle of an AAS cycle, and played rugby for my city club. i started getting bad stomach pains. turns out i had to have my appendix removed. It took about 3 months recovery before i really could move around somewhat like i used to. when i returned to the gym at this time i had a real hard time because of abdominal pain around my scar tissue. I took about a year off and to tell the truth got fat.
    before sergury i weighed about 185, 5'8, about 14%BFM. now i am around 210lbs, rather uncomfterably fat. i am considering doing some clen , as i have done that before in the past and had good results, but that was when i was cutting.
    any help would be a mush appreciated, i will post pics of my progress when i start a new program.
    Thanks again guys

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    check the sticky bruh

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