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    Post carbs and recovery...intresting read

    For those of you who havent seen it

    so i was reading through Muscular Development and came upon an intrestin it is.........CARBS AND RECOVERY Traditionally, it's been recommended that athletes ingest high GI carbs PWO...b/c the are broken down easily and increase rapidly through the flow of glucose into the bloodstream. This glucose can be converted into glycogen..yada yada yada we all know the song and dance.........A recent study by Dr.Stevenson and coworkers investigated the metabolic response to high gi or low gi meals consumed during recovery from prolonged exercise. Meal were provided 30 mins and two hours following cessation of excerise. The authors concluded "the glycemic index of the carbohydrates consumed during the immediate post-exercise period might not be important as long as sufficient carbs are consumed."

    different anyway whats ur feedback?

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    Mines simple Keep taking carbs for Pwo and i'm not being a smartass Just don't know besides that I'm cutting so try to only eat carbs for breakfast then after I workout.

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