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    Huge Casein shake?

    I know that most people say that about 50-60 grams of protien is all that can be used by the body in one meal. Since casein is so slowly digested, could a huge, say 100gram serving be taken before bed and would your body have a positive nitrogen balance for longer than if you drank a 50gram casein shake? thank you

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    A positive nitrogen balance is not something one can get by just one meal. It's something that accrues over time, that also goes for losing that positive balance. It takes time to develope one, which means that you need to consistantly eat protein meals over the course of a day, and continue this for an extended period of time. 100g of protein seems exsesive you should be eating more during the day so you don't have to eat 100g at night.

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    Yeah, what Giantz said I totally agree with.

    If you "really" want to still have that 100 grams, I'd split it into two 50 gram servings, and have one before bed and one around 2-3 in the a.m.


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    Ok, thanks

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    If I drank a 100 gram protein shake, I'd probably kill myself from my own toxic fumes. It would be that bad lol.

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    id say 100g is definately excessive, but i still dont buy into the fact that everyone says your body can only absorb 40-50g of protein per meal. i mean your telling me that a 285lb bb'er cant handle more protein at a meal then someone who weighs 190? if thats the case to get enough protein the 285lber would have to eat like 15 meals to get his daily protein requirments in. i myself way about 238 and eat 8 meals a day every 2-3 hours including pwo's and am eating 55-60grams a meal. if i didnt eat that much i have no idea how id get enough protein in unless i ate a good size portion every hour. whats everyones thoughts on this?

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    ewww...100 g of casein? excessive and gross

    eat steak and enjoy that 100g!


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