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    Eating problems and buffets!!!

    I have a real problem with eating when I havn't prepared the food myself. When I cook the food myself I calculate the energy and compostion perfectly to match my requirements. However when I go out or eat at buffets I cannot stop myself from eating too much. I then feel sick and annoyed at myself for blowing my eating plan.

    I Know the easiest way to get around this is to cook all my meals for myself however this isn't practicle. Does anyone have the smae problem with eating to much at buffets and if so advice on what to do to stop overating and eating shit at theses ocassions?

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    Buffets are useually a no,no however you can still cruise the buffet isle every once in awhile as long as you know what areas to stay clear off. First off, always limit yourself to one helping and 1 helping only. If the resturant that you are at has a small mega bar type of option choose this as it will useually limit your trips back,
    And yes it's there, you know it, I know it, and so does every body else however this dose not mean that you are going to simutanously blow up if you pass the desert bar by. Just a thought.

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    First off, while cooking every single meal you eat for yourself is not practicle, avoiding buffets shouldn't be that big of a problem. Most of the buffets where I live are seafood (fried), pizza, and chinese so I wouldn't even bother walking into one unless I was doing a cheat day/meal.

    I read that your brain takes twenty minutes to tell you your full after you've actually eaten enough. So when you go out, eat about three quarters of your meal and then box it up, immediately, wait twenty minutes and see how you feel. But don't order something that you know is going to be a huge plate of food.

    I rarely go into an actual sitdown restaraunt, but for eating on the run you can find good meals at Arby's, Subway, Blimpies, Quizno's, and Jason's Deli. if your really in a jam every fast food restaraunt I can think of (Mc's, BK, KFC, etc.) carries some variation of a grilled chicken sandwhich. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    Simple solution, don't go to buffet's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwan2bsolid2
    Simple solution, don't go to buffet's.

    EXACTLY! Just stay away from buffets and they will not have the opportunity to tempt you or to lure you into over indulging!

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