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    4 week cutting stall, help!

    Got down to about 178 4 weeks ago after 15 days straight with PERFECT diet. Had a huge carb up day (low fat anything). It has been 1 month and I have had a BIG 8 hour refeed and this past Sunday I have had 3 bowls of corn pops, it was a total of about 500 carbs but spread over meals 3-4 and 5. I am at 182 pounds this morning. What gives. I should atleast be around 178 after 1 month of what I am doing. Here is my diet and routine, please give me all the advice you can becasue I am about ready to give this crap up. I feel like a skinny piece of crap but my weight is up.


    1: 7 whites, 4 whole eggs
    2: 1 cup salmon
    3: 7 oz. chicken, 1 ox. walnuts
    4: 2 scoops whey, 1/2 tbs. flax oil
    5: PWO- 1+ scoop whey and 48 grams carbs (dextrose)
    6: 1 HOUR later- 12 eggs whites, 5 tbs. grits with splenda
    2150-2250 calories, P-270 or so, fat-65 or so, carbs-100 (not including green beans I eat in meal 1 and 3)


    same as above except calories are 100 lower and the fat is 100 grams a day and the carbs are ZERO grams a day.

    I do a push pull system on M-W-F and I do 40-45 minutes cardio at 75-80 % MHR EVERY morning and twice a day on non workout days. The second cardio session comes 2 hours after my prior meal.
    I have had NO complete days off for 23 days now. Do I need a big cheat day to shock my body, maybee a big fat free refeed? I have never been 32 days without pizza and crap like that. Beside my 2-3 fat free refeeds, I haVE BEEN 100 % DEAD ON FOR ALMOST 5 WEEKS, have I reached my base weight.

    I am 6 foot 182 right now. Hard to tell with body fat becasue I am a former fat boy and have loose skin but my 32 jeans are all getting very loose around the waist. The lightest I have ever been was 170 but I am stronger now, OH yeh, I am gaining strength with what I am doing.

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    first off, drop the corn pops. ok now, personally, i think you've got too many pro/fat meals and not enough low GI carb meals. and all of your pro/fat are in the morning. not saying it's wrong like that, but i have better results by making my last meal or two pro/fat and the rest pro/carb. but in your case, you work out later so you need some PWO carbs. maybe try swithing your workout routine to morning. you can also try carb cycling. i have found that i get to a sticking point if i have too many pro/fat meals. thats when i cycle them and it helps to get over that sticking point. and no, i don't think you need a big cheat day. maybe a nice cheat meal....

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    Thanks for the advice. I used to eat a very high protein diet (350-400) a day with very low fat (5 a meal) and only had carbs pre and the 2 meals post workout and felt fine. I worked out in the monning and did NO cardio and felt and looked better than I do now. It was'nt until I get into the higher fat low carb diets that I started felling and looking skinny. When I started the cardio deal about 1 1/2 ago it has been nothing but dispair for me. I feel also that the fat I am trying to lose is loose skin. It hangs just deadlike from my lower abs. The more I diet and eat high fat and cut carbs, I see lose skin everywhere, the day after a cheat day, I look better that ever, filled out except the loose skin on my lower abs.

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    Def try switching up your cardio.. Intensity,type of cardio ect.. You can also try a three day low to moderate carb and then on the fourth day up your carb and then make your cals around maintance as this will keep yopu body out of starvation mode and essentilly trick it.

    Hope this works, keep us posted..

    Whats up Toolman

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