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    Dried Skimmed Milk?

    Has anyone ever heard of Dried Skimmed Milk? It has 360 calories/100 mL and only 0.6 grams of fat.

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    It's great stuff for homemade MRP's and the like because of the casein. The flavor is a little odd but not bad, especially mixed with something else. The great part is it's so much cheaper than skim milk! It has a significant amount of sugar but this is lactose, so it's not going to send your blood glucose levels skyrocketing. I like to add a little in my pwo shakes because of the carbohydrate content. Right now I'm using low impact carbs almost exclusively, even pwo. I seem to stay leaner when bulking this way and it feels like my muscle growth is not inhibited whatsoever.

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    dried milk is well just dried milk. Mix it with water and you have the exact same nutrient profile as regular milk with all the advantages and disadvantages. I wouldnt bother unless its alot cheaper than regular milk but I think it tastes like shit.

    I like milk though and I think its a good beverage aslong as your not lactose intolerant. Some is without knowing it and that can screw upp absorbation of food.

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