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    seriuous help needed

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    Scotty, beam me up
    you realy dont need more than around 10-15grams/day. Use olive oil in the rest of the meals. 5-10 grams of oil to each pro/fat meal would be decent imo.

    run vitamin c 10-20grams day for imune system, cortisol supression and insulin sensitivity.

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    Not related to your diet, but did you run Accutane before? Seems like a high dosage if you have never used it before. Also, be careful with the water pills. They can be very dangerous if used incorrectly.

    As for diet, I'd stick with protein/fat meals and protein/carb meals. Unless of course, you find protein only meals work better for you. Make sure you figure your diet as best as you can before you start dieting for the show. I was told (as I'm sure you already know) nailing down your diet is the trickiest part of competing.

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