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    want some help with carbs

    I know from first hand experience how much of a difference eating little carbs and eating only low GI ones. I have been reading more and more about how GI is important, but it is only part of the picture. Glycemic load (GL) is figured by combining GI and the carb content.

    For example I thought pasta was good to eat since it has a relatively low GI but has a very high GL (since it has so many carbs in it). Should I avoid pasta? It even seems sweet potatoes have high GL...

    What sources should my carbs be coming from? I eat alot of oats and saw that honey has low GL so should I start eating some honey or mixing it in protein shakes? Any is rye or barley bread the only breads I should eat?

    I just want some explanations and examples of what I should be eating in terms of carbs. Thanks for the help.

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    it depends what you are trying to do..
    as for the carbs..
    oats/brown rice/sweet potatoes....
    i would stop reading if i was you cause you will just end up driving yourself insane....

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    i have to avoid them - except for oats and an occassional piece of wheat or rye bread. carbs are like crack to me - once my body gets a taste - im hooked again and the next thing i know im devoring a whole pizza and looking for cupcakes for dessert!

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