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    need help adjusting my bulking diet

    This is the diet i have been following for the past ten weeks
    im 5'8 around 158lbs
    i lift doggcrapp style three days a week and am fairly inactive out of the gym with work and school...

    meal one workout days
    2 scoops protein
    40g dextrose
    40g maltodextrin

    meal one non workout days
    2 scoops protein 5 egg white
    1 cup oats

    meal two
    6oz chicken (weighed after cooking)
    1.5 cups brown rice

    meal three
    6oz chicken
    1.5 cups brown rice

    meal four
    8oz lean beef
    1/4 cup walnuts

    meal five
    1.5 cans tuna
    2tbs full fat mayo

    meal six
    3 scoops protein
    1 tbs olive oil

    i belive this comes out to be around 3100 cals, 300 grams protein, 200 carbs and 60 grams of fat...might be off by a little but fairly close. i eat veg with most meals but never the same so i didnt include them in the list. I take r-ala with all my carb meals except pwo. meal one is the meal that changes on work out days.

    I seem to be gaining only fat. according to my bf scale i went form 148 at 11% to 158 at 15-16%. im gaining strenght rapidly...going up five pounds in 95% of all exercises every time so i feel i should be getting some lbm but again i def look fatter and my scale says im getting fatter.

    so heres where i need help. using the harris-elliot exel sheet, it says i should be consuming 2600-2900 cals roughly. should i make changes to my diet to fit into this calorie range?..if so what should i change?.. also, im presently not doing cardio. would it be a better idea to leave the diet the way it is and add two or three am walking sessions?

    anything would be really helpful...sorry for the lenghty post.

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    you might try throwing one of the fat meals and replace it with a carb. preferably the mayo, just go with tuna and relish on whole wheat bread or something along those lines. also i would kick your carbs up to atleast 1.5 or 2g x your body weight. a little over 300 will have you growing too. If i makes you feel better then i would add like 2 days of cardio at 20 minutes. on the days your not working out, nothing too drastic since your trying to gain weight. i would just watch the diet, cause if you are eating what you say then you should not be gaining that much bf.

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