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    pre workout meal

    Quick question, I dont get off work till 6-6:30 and want to get to the gym asap after I get home. My last real meal is at 3:00 so I need something in me before the gym. I was thinking about 1 cup of oats and two scoops of whey in the blender, will that be good enough for a preworkout meal?

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    If you are wanting to take this immediately before going to the gym, I would say no do not do this. Complex carbs take time (energy) to digest and be converted to glycogen. Thus, you will not have adequate glucose stored in the muscles to have a successful workout. Stick to a simple carb, low protein source pre-workout. Gatorade is easy on the run.

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    yeah or whey and dex..before durin and after the workout

    both will work

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    i love gatorade mixed with tasteless whe yprotein(trueprotein) its the SHIT!!! for my pwo i mix gatorade mix, some dex, the protein n mono, MMMM MMM MMM

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