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    Pre and post workout eating

    Not sure if i am in the right forum. if i am not. .sorry about this

    so i have two questions

    1. what would be a good pre-workout meal (also how long before my workout would be good, nothing too specific just general - eg: natural peanutbutter sandwhich or something)

    2. pwo meals and i was wondering what everyone thought about

    nitro-tech high protein supplement bar as a pwo (it seems it may be easier to eat on the way home)

    here is what's inside in case there are any questions

    Calories 290
    Total fat 7g
    Sat fat 4.5g
    Carbs: 32g
    impact carbs: 4g (whatever that means)
    Sugars 2g
    protein 35g

    plus it is fortified with a vitamins

    so would these bars be a good choice or should i stick with a meal instead. And if this has already been answered. sorry, just point me to where i can read on the thread. Didn't see anything

    Thanks again for everyone's help


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    Depends on you as a person of course, but also if you are bulking or cutting......

    Check the stickies atop the page for great guides to get you started.


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