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    Oct 2005

    my thread got deleted!!

    nah...i wasnt scared or anything....jus internet wasnt workin thats all.
    anyways thats lot of response i get on the other thread which some1 delete..didnt get any response actually other then couple
    i know my diet aint that rich in protein n carbs mainly cuz of skool.
    my stats r 6'2, around 212 pounds,waiste size 34" and i its for Cut and not for Bulk....
    now bless me wit some good tips guys

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    1. Please, for everyone's sake (including yours), use proper grammar. I understand NOTHING from this post.

    2. I lied, I do understand the quote "its for Cut".

    3. Cutting Sticky: UNoffical "How to Cut" thread and sample diet...

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    Your thread did not get deleted, it's in this very forum.


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    sorry guys, these computers at my school., some of them dont work properly..mybad..sorry and ignore the post

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