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    Trying to get a diet set

    I need some help on how to use my supplements during my cycle of sustanon , equipoise , and winstrol

    I have whey protein, ephedrine, creatine, B12.

    Im not sure if I should add more supplements to the routine. Take some out. My goal isn't necessarily to be very very cut but I want to bulk up but not like a balloon. I like to stay somewhat low on b/f while im on a cycle but at the same time I dont want to inhibit my muscle growth.

    I really need some help on my PCT as well
    I have clomid for that and could get anything else needed.

    I weigh about 225 at the moment and really don't want to lose weight but turn the weight I have right now into muscle.

    Im a mess right now so any advice would help. Thanks alot!

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    Stats? Cycle experience? I would definitely pick up some nolva. If you want to avoid bloat, try .25mg ed of ldex. You can always bump it up. I would run 10mg nolva throughout too.

    What does your cycle look like? This looks more like a steroid question than a diet question, check the bulking sticky at the top of the page for a bulking diet example.

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    def get a good liver supplement. Liv52 or some cranberry extract

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    yeah man, you didn't really ask any questions about your diet. no offense either, but it doesn't really sound like you've planned out your cycle very well. you claim that you're a mess.. so to me that indicates a lack of research, just my opinion.

    also, you really need to decide if you want to bulk or cut. i wouldn't waste a cycle just trying to maintain what you have. just give us some more informationa nd i'm sure you'll get a lot more help

    like chest said.. previous cycle experience, ht/wt/body fat etc...

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