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    Do I include fiber and sugar carbs when looking at carbs?

    i know they arent as good as the good carbs, but do they make a difference at all?

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    From a low-carb diet standpoint:

    For each 1 gram of fiber = -1 gram from total carbs. This yields your NET CARBS.

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    I personally don't include any fiber or sugar when calculating my carbs for my macronutrients.

    Same with protein. I don't include it unless it comes from my real protein source (i.e. I only count the protein from my egg whites during breakfast, not my oatmeal)

    Fat I include no matter where it comes from (i.e. I count the fat in my oatmeal toward my macros)

    I don't know if this is absolutely necessary, but I am bulking and would rather error on the side of more food rather than less food.

    This also helps when I calculate my calories from my macronutrient ratio it is aprox. 4000.
    However, when calculating from the packaging calories are around 4400-4500.

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