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Thread: Need you help

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    Need you help

    Hi I was wondering if someone here could help me out a bit .I am 5'11 193 and Iam at 17% bf . My goals are to get down to 10% by mid spring .I was wondering how many cal a day would your recomend for this goal ?I know about the fat/carb/pro ratio just wondering total amount of cals a day .Im 34 been lifting for 4 years .Im very active at work UPS driver so I run all freakin day mon-fri around 12 hrs a day ,plus I lift 3 days a week .Well there ya have it so what would
    you recomend for me on total daily cals thanks for all your help .

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    heres a solution...(your weight) x 14 - 300=the amount of cals you need for your cutting diet.

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    check out the sticky on cutting, you'll find everything you need there. if you're not willing to jump right into the diet, cut out the little things (fast food, dressing, regular pop, etc.) and work from there. you're already active, you should be able to drop the pounds fairly quick. just remember, results don't come over night and DIET is everything. god luck bro

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