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    Does it matter how much you chew your food?

    I am a hard gainer. I am very active in my nutrition, everthing is weighed etc.

    But as I am not so hungery (and I am over eating) I tend not to chew my food as much as I should. I have always been a fast eater. My Mom used to say "Chew Chew" making little train noises when I was young. Fast eating allows me to fit more in, before my brain tells me I am full.

    So would my lack of chewing be effecting how much calories/nutrition that I am getting out of my food? As I know saliva is part of the digestion process.

    Can anyone shead light on this question?


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    Don't think it has much of an effect. The bad part about eating too quickly ( a problem I share), is that you tend to eat more than you otherwise would if you ate more slowly. The reason for this is that it takes a while for you to feel full after you hgave eaten. That is why you get that bloated feeling sometimes (right?).

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    Plus it's harder on the stomach to digest. I do the same thing, I eat fast. Do you get gas and fart alot? That is a symptom of poor digestion...which I should be crowned King of.

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